FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Can I apply by post?
Sustainability and innovation are highly important at BRITA. For this reason we prefer to use as little paper as possible and to take advantage of the digital route instead. So an application by post is unfortunately not possible. Please apply online – it’s much easier anyway.

Where can I find tips about my application?
We have put together a helpful list of tips about your application here.

I would like to apply for a number of different jobs at different locations. How can I do this?
You can also apply for several different jobs via our application portal. If you are interested in more than one job, you can apply for all the positions you are interested in there in next to no time. You only have to register once for this.

Can I update my documents even though I have already uploaded my application?
You can update your candidate profile at any time. Do you have some documents that you would like to submit or have you noticed a mistake in your particulars? Please get in touch.

Where can I find out the status of my application?
You can log in to your user profile at any time and check the status of your application in the application portal.

Application tips:

The letter of interest
You should briefly and succinctly introduce yourself in your letter of interest. It should supplement your CV and not repeat it. When you are writing it, imagine yourself in the role of the reader: Would you invite the author for an interview based on the covering letter?

Some questions that you absolutely must address in the covering letter are the following:

  • Why are you interested in the position?
  • What qualifications do you have?
  • Why were you attracted by our job advertisement?
  • What do you expect from BRITA?


Your CV
Your CV should tell us about your career up until now. Here are a few tips for a successful CV:

  • Structure your CV in tabular form
  • Begin with your current activity and take us through your most recent positions
  • Elaborate on any notable key points at the relevant stages: A length of one to two pages is more than sufficient.
  • Choose a common file format and an easily legible font


Make sure you stick to the format
If your covering letter has any spelling mistakes or if the documents are in the incorrect order, this can quickly make your application seem unprofessional. Take your time and read everything through once again. This can help you to spot any errors. We have summarised a list of common errors for you here:

  • Spelling: Are there any mistakes? Perhaps ask a friend to check your documents one last time.
  • Documents: Are all the required documents in the correct file format and quality and have they been properly attached?
  • Sequence: Have I added the documents in the right sequence?
  • Uniformity: Have I used a uniform font and font size and uniform line spacing? 

Everything checked? Then you can send it off.